Girls Tournament Rules

2018 7×7 Turkey Shootout Tournament

Girls Rules and Information

CHECK IN: Team Contact/Coach ONLY


General Information:

  • ONLY Coaches or Team Contact will check in for their team.
  • Players should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of their first scheduled game.
  • Players go directly to the field where their first scheduled game will be played.
  • Players/Parents/Fans do not need to go to the Check-in location.
  • Players must wear a tournament bracelet easily visible on their jerseys or wrists.
  • Each team plays four 40 minute games which include a 5-minute halftime
  • Games begin every 45 mins when the central timekeeper starts the game clock.
  • Lost and found:
  • To the extent practical and reasonable, items deemed left by players will be accumulated and available for pick-up at the Administration Tent.
  • No lacrosse of any kind (playing catch, or any type of skill warmups that use a ball and a stick) is to be played outside the field of play.
  • A Trainer will be present at all games.
  • If a player has a special medical attention All West Lacrosse recommends that he share that information with the trainer.
  • If injured players should immediately ask to see Trainer.
  • Players/Teams supply their own water.

Age/Grade Eligibility:

  • Girls U10 (or 3rd & 4th Grade)
  • Girls U12 (or 5th & 6th Grade)
  • Girls U14 (or 7th & 8th Grade)
  • Girls U16 – HS Rising Star [HSRS] (or 9th & 10th Grade)
  • Girls U18 – Open (or 11th & 12th Grade)

AGE Eligibility – We follow the NCJLA/US Lacrosse regulations for birth date cutoffs. Whatever age the player was after August 31st, 2018, will be the division the player plays in for the rest of the year i.e. if the player is 14 years old on Aug 31st, 2018, then the player would play for the U16 division (HSRS) for the 2018/2019 spring season. This rule is applicable to all divisions Grade Eligibility – is determined by the player’s grade of the current (2018/2019) school year.

Season from 1-Sep-17 thru 31-Aug-18 Age Group NCJLA Bracket Grade Affiliation Grad Year (GY) Bracket Grad Year
Birthdate from 1-Sep-10 thru 31-Aug-11 U7 U8 1st GY28+ 2029
Birthdate from 1-Sep-09 thru 31-Aug-10 U8 U8 2nd GY28+ 2028
Birthdate from 1-Sep-08 thru 31-Aug-09 U9 U10 3rd GY26+ 2027
Birthdate from 1-Sep-07 thru 31-Aug-08 U10 U10 4th GY26+ 2026
Birthdate from 1-Sep-06 thru 31-Aug-07 U11 U12 5th GY24+ 2025
Birthdate from 1-Sep-05 thru 31-Aug-06 U12 U12 6th GY24+ 2024
Birthdate from 1-Sep-04 thru 31-Aug-05 U13 U14 7th GY22+ 2023
Birthdate from 1-Sep-03 thru 31-Aug-04 U14 U14 8th GY22+ 2022
Birthdate from 1-Sep-02 thru 31-Aug-03 U15 JV 9th GY20+ 2021
Birthdate from 1-Sep-01 thru 31-Aug-02 U16 JV 10th GY20+ 2020
Birthdate from 1-Sep-00 thru 31-Aug-01 U17 JV/Var 11th GY18+ 2019
Birthdate from 1-Sep-99 thru 31-Aug-00 U18 Var 12th GY18+ 2018
Birthdate from 1-Sep-98 thru 31-Aug-99 U19 Var 12th/PG GY18+ 2018

Field Lines:

  • Crease around both goals
  • Midfield line (acting as a restraining line for both teams)
  • 8 meter arch on both ends with 5 hash marks on each for free position shots
  • End lines are the fences/Bow Nets
  • Normal rules apply to shots and errant passes that hit fence- the ball is out of bounds.  A whistle will blow and a referee will yell the color of the player who will gain possession.
  • For safety reasons No contest rule on all loose balls within a stick length of the fence/bow nets. The referee will yell color of player who will gain possession.

How do players line up?

  • 7×7 = 6 field players and 1 goalie per team
  • 1 Goalie defending their goal
  • 5v5 below midfield (5 attackers v. 5 defenders)
  • 1 player from each team holds on opposite side of the midfield line
  • If teams do not have a goalie they may add an extra field player but still only 5v5 over the midfield line and then they would hold 2 players on the opposite side of the midfield line
  • Draw: 3 players from each team may participate. The two players not taking the draw will stand 1 meter in from the sideline boundary and even with the mid-line. Teams may choose to have both players on one side. All other players must be behind a goal line extended. They may choose to line up near their opponent’s goal. Players are not released from the goal line extended until possession has been awarded to one of the players participating in the draw. Violations will be penalized as an illegal draw.
  • Draw: will be set up according to 2018 NFHS rules: parallel to the mid-line

Game Time:

  • Four 40 minute games – including a 5-minute halftime (each half is 17.5 minutes)
  • No Timeouts
  • Teams to shake hands off the field so new teams can enjoy their 5-minute warm up- 5 minutes between games

The timekeeper will communicate:

  • Single Horn – the start of the game
  • Double Horn – 2 minutes remaining in half or game
  • Single Horn – end of the half/game


  • 2 draws per game: 1 to start a game, 1 to start the 2nd half
    • All players who are not taking the draw must be on goal line extended and are released when there is possession.
  • Following the scoring of a goal: The Goalie picks up the ball and play immediately resumes.
    • Goalies have 10 seconds to get the ball out of the crease. If there are no goalies then the closest defender may clear the ball.


  • One referee per field for 10U- 14U games
  • Two referees per HS game

PLEASE NOTE: Balls are NOT placed on endlines. In the event of a ball out of play, the referee will provide the ball to the appropriate player.


  • Alternate possession will be awarded to the team listed on the left or second on the schedule. The home team will have a choice of the end to defend. Playoffs: lower seed has first possession.
  • All USL rules apply, except Rule 6 Section 7. Team Fouls/Offsides: A team must not have more than 5 players below the restraining line in their offensive end, and must not have more than 6 players below the restraining line in their defensive end (5 defenders and 1 goalie).
  • Penalty Administration and Cards: All USL rules apply, modifications are below…
    • Yellow – 30 seconds of game time may be subbed after it expires
    • Red – 1 min of game time, the player may be subbed after it expires, the player will NOT play in the remainder of the half in which the card was given
    • 3 yellows in one game – a red, the player may not return to the game
    • 3 reds – cumulative for the tournament, the player is done for the day
  • No Fighting: fighting will result in immediate ejection from the game and could lead to expulsion from the Shootout with no refund.
  • Taunting/Trash talking – will be treated as fighting.
  • Goalie Infractions:
    • If a Goalie receives a penalty and the team has no DRESSED backup – the head coach must select a field player to serve the penalty.
    • If a Goalie receives a penalty and the team has a DRESSED backup, the player who is cited must serve the penalty.

Tie Game:

  • NO Overtime (OT) except for playoffs
  • Playoffs OT
    • Braveheart Sudden Victory Overtime
      • 2v2 (1 field player + goalie for each team)
        • starts with a draw, first team to score wins

Tie Breaker Standings:

  • Overall record within the relevant bracket
  • Head-to-head games
  • Least # goals allowed
  • Overall goal differential
  • Coin Toss


  • Players/Coaches should review the schedule and arrive wearing the correct color with a number on the back


  • Each team supplies its own goalie.
  • When teams either don’t have a player at that position or their goalie is absent, they find a “volunteer” (or go without one altogether).
  • No one is allowed in Goal without proper goalie equipment.

Goalie Equipment:

  • All NCJLA and NFHS sanction field lacrosse equipment. Girls must have pelvic protection in the goalie shorts (manufacturers standard).
  • Shin Pads cannot exceed the size of baseball shin protectors.
  • It is the Tournament Director’s and the Referee’s judgment as to whether or not a certain piece of Goalie equipment will be allowed.

General Equipment:

  • All NCJLA and NFHS sanction field lacrosse equipment.
  • Field Players must wear all protective gear while on the field: Goggles and mouthpiece
  • No Jewelry!


  • No metal cleats
  • If turf field- molded cleats, no screw-ins (7 studs)


  • All divisions will play with 6×6 goals.
  • 10U will play with inverted goals if no goalie is available.

Lacrosse Balls:

  • Teams are to provide NOCSEA warmup balls for their team.
  • Game balls (NOT practice balls) will be provided by All West Lacrosse.


  • No shooting during warmups without proper equipment.
  • No vandalizing of Facility.
  • Vandals will face prosecution by local law enforcement.

RESPECT everyone at the Shootout, maintain a positive ATTITUDE and give 100% EFFORT!

Be safe, have fun, GO HARD!