Welcome Letter – Girls

Dear Players, Families, Coaches & Team Contacts,

Welcome to the 3rd Annual 2018 Girls 7×7 Turkey Shootout! Thank you for selecting All West Lacrosse as your lacrosse “go-to”, we look forward to the opportunity to be at your service.

Below you will find tournament information that is important to review prior to this Sunday’s November 18th event.


  • Tournament information including game schedules, maps and rules can be found by clicking – http://www.allwestlax.com/tso
  • Follow the game day action with scores, schedule updates and more by signing up using our app by clicking – http://www.allwestlax.com/scores
  • These websites are mobile friendly! Hit the menu tab in the upper left corner (3 bars) to access all the tournament details and information you will need to know.
  • You can follow your team and division with live updates by clicking on ‘Scores & Standings’ on the menu tab. You will then select the team(s) &/or division(s) you would like to follow and you will receive real-time notifications throughout the day!


  • Petaluma Community Sports Fields, Petaluma. 2430 E. Washington St., Petaluma, CA 94954
  • Tournament Directions – found on the Tournament website under ‘Info’ tab
  • Directions: click here

SCHEDULE – Sunday, November 18:

  • To view your team’s schedule, click here – Tournament webpage
  • Game times run from 8.45 AM – 5.00 PM.  Please check the schedule on the website for your specific team’s game times.
  • The schedule is considered final & locked in for all teams… however please continue to review the schedule & final check Friday before the event.



  • It is very important that everyone read and understand the rules for behavior on and off the field.
  • Click the ‘Girls Tournament Rules’ option under the ‘Info’ tab on Tournament web page.


As we are all aware, the situation with the terrible fires in the region has devastated communities and families. We are also keenly aware of the effects the fires are having on the air quality far beyond where the fires are burning.

At this time (Tuesday), we continue to monitor the relevant air quality assessments by officials and their various outlets. We want to assure you that we are committed to ensuring the well-being of all participating and attending our events.

Please be sure you and anyone you know who are planning to attend the Turkey Shootout has signed up for notifications via text or email so you can receive ‘real-time’ information/updates. We will also post updates on our website if there is a change in the status of our Turkey Shootout tournaments.


  • We are playing on turf so the tournament will proceed as planned
  • All attendees should consider bringing an umbrella or raincoat just in case; as well as a blanket, chair or plastic to sit on.
  • It can get cold in Petaluma this weekend, especially in the morning, so we suggest you bring some warm clothing with you.
  • [Note: While All West Lacrosse intends on playing through rain, the Petaluma field contacts reserve the right to cancel our activities if they feel the fields will be damaged due to games played in wet/rainy conditions. This would be in very extreme conditions/lightning only!]


  • Every player must complete an online waiver. No waiver, no play.
  • If you are unsure whether you registered/waivered, please check with your Coach or Team Contact
  • Please ensure all teammates have completed the waiver & registered online.
  • Any unregistered players will need an accompanying parent/guardian to be present on the day to sign a paper waiver & pay $10 at the Tournament Headquarters on arrival.
  • You will be given a sticker/wristband by your coach/team contact which you’ll need to wear to show you have completed your waiver
  • Players do not need to check in, just go straight to the field of your first game


  • 1 representative (NOT players or parents) from each team (ONLY Team Contacts and/or Coaches) must check-in at the tournament in the Command Center (signs will be posted).
  • Players and parents should go directly to the field where their first game will be played (please refer to the schedule online to find the field you are playing on).
  • Coaches will receive wristbands equaling the number of players who have registered online with completed waivers.
  • Players must wear sticker/wristbands to identify that they are registered – No sticker/wristband – no play.
  • If there is a discrepancy on the roster it can be corrected at check-in.
  • Please allow for approximately 30 mins prior to your first game to check in.


  • Some Free Agents have already been assigned, but by Thursday, November 15, all Free Agent players will receive an email detailing their team assignment.
  • Free Agent players should meet their Coach/team on the Field of their first game.
  • Free Agent team assignments will be made and reflected on the final roster.
  • Team Contacts/Coaches: If assigned a Free Agent player, please welcome her on your team


  • Full Gear required: Eye protection, lacrosse stick(s), mouth guard, cleats (no metal on turf fields) & your team’s pinney/uniform (No Jewelry!)
  • A water bottle is essential! You can refill water bottles on the field, but you need a container. It is imperative you stay hydrated!
  • Sunscreen – please ensure you are protected from the sun & reapply throughout the day
  • Sweatshirt in case it’s cool & umbrella in case of rain
  • Pocket money for Vendor Village
  • Blankets/Foldable chairs/pop up tents for watching & cheering on your team!

 VENDOR VILLAGE: Please support our vendors & visit Vendor Village – your one stop shop to satisfy your hunger & lacrosse needs.

  • Sling-It Lacrosse – get your lax fix at Sling-It. Founded by lacrosse players, for lacrosse players, Sling-It has you covered for all your lax needs
  • El Tonayense – tacos, burritos & nachos, oh my!
  • FireTrail Pizza –  get your Zaa-fix here, cheesy delicious goodness
  • Casablanca Moroccan & Mediterranean – delicious gourmet food & culinary delights
  • Smoothie Patrol – gourmet coffees, sensational smoothies, and shaved ice
  • Apparel Republic – pick out a t-shirt, hoodie or pants & customize it. Get your team’s name & 7×7 logo to celebrate the tourney


  • In case of injury/emergency, certified athletic trainers & staff will be onsite who will have every player’s medical information on file.
  • If you wish to speak to a trainer regarding specific health information please feel free to visit the Trainer tent on arrival

LACROSSE ACTIVITIES: Can ONLY take place on the designated lacrosse field and players MUST wear protective eyewear/mouth guard when tossing the lacrosse ball. 

General Park Guidelines for all Petaluma Community Sports Fields and Parks:

  • All parks are smoke – free.
  • Personal BBQ’s are not allowed.
  • No dogs/pets on the field. (The only exception is if you are in a designated Dog Run Area during off-leash hours.)

FREE PARKING:    All parking spots directly surrounding the fields and parks are free.

Thank you so much for being part of our event – we look forward to seeing you on the field for a great day of lacrosse!

RAE All Day, Team AWL