Boys Tournament Rules

2018 7×7 Turkey Shootout Tournament

BOYS Rules and Information

CHECK IN: Team Contact/Coach ONLY


General Information:

  • ONLY Coaches or Team Contact will check in for their team.
  • Players should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of their first scheduled game.
  • Players go directly to the field where their first scheduled game will be played.
  • Players/Parents/Fans do not need to the Check-in location.
  • Players must wear a tournament sticker easily visible on their helmet.
  • Game Time and Lateness:
  • All game times will be posted online.
  • Go to or Click here –
  • Games begin when the central timekeeper starts the game clock.
  • Lost and found:
  • To the extent practical and reasonable, items deemed left by players will be accumulated and available for pick-up at the Administration Tent.
  • No lacrosse of any kind (playing catch, or any type of skill warmups that use a ball and a stick) is to be played outside the field of play.
  • A Trainer will be present at all games.
  • If a player has a special medical attention All West Lacrosse recommends that he share that information with the trainer.
  • If injured players should immediately ask to see Trainer.
  • Players/Teams supply their own water.


Age/Grade Eligibility:

  • Grade Eligibility– is determined by the player’s grade of the current (2018/2019) school year. All West allows GRADE to be the final determination – for example, if you are in 6th Grade and do not qualify for the U12 age division per NCJLA/US Lacrosse regulations (due to birthdate cut offs) you can still play the U12 division.  This rule is applicable in all divisions
  • Players are permitted to play UP one age division. Players are NOT permitted to play down an age division for any reason
  • 2019 High School graduates are eligible to play in the HS Varsity or HS Elite divisions. Players who have played in college during the 2019 season are ineligible
  • ** Violating eligibility rules is subject to disciplinary action. See rules for details


Season from 1-Sep-17 thru 31-Aug-18 Age Group NCJLA Bracket Grade Affiliation Grad Year (GY) Bracket Grad Year
Birthdate from 1-Sep-10 thru 31-Aug-11 U7 U8 1st GY28+ 2029
Birthdate from 1-Sep-09 thru 31-Aug-10 U8 U8 2nd GY28+ 2028
Birthdate from 1-Sep-08 thru 31-Aug-09 U9 U10 3rd GY26+ 2027
Birthdate from 1-Sep-07 thru 31-Aug-08 U10 U10 4th GY26+ 2026
Birthdate from 1-Sep-06 thru 31-Aug-07 U11 U12 5th GY24+ 2025
Birthdate from 1-Sep-05 thru 31-Aug-06 U12 U12 6th GY24+ 2024
Birthdate from 1-Sep-04 thru 31-Aug-05 U13 U14 7th GY22+ 2023
Birthdate from 1-Sep-03 thru 31-Aug-04 U14 U14 8th GY22+ 2022
Birthdate from 1-Sep-02 thru 31-Aug-03 U15 JV 9th GY20+ 2021
Birthdate from 1-Sep-01 thru 31-Aug-02 U16 JV 10th GY20+ 2020
Birthdate from 1-Sep-00 thru 31-Aug-01 U17 JV/Var 11th GY18+ 2019
Birthdate from 1-Sep-99 thru 31-Aug-00 U18 Var 12th GY18+ 2018
Birthdate from 1-Sep-98 thru 31-Aug-99 U19 Var 12th/PG GY18+ 2018



  • Players/Coaches should review the schedule and arrive wearing the correct color with a number on the back.

Number of Players:

  • 7 vs.7 players
  • 2 Attack
  • 2 Midfield (1 LSM w/ long pole is allowed)
  • 2 Defense (No Long Poles for U10)
  • 1 Goalie


  • One 35 minute game- two 17:30 halves
  • One 5 minute halftime
  • NO timeouts
  • Teams to shake hands off the field so new teams can enjoy their 5-minute warm up- 5 minutes between games

The timekeeper will communicate:

  • Single Horn – the start of the game
  • Double Horn – 2 minutes remaining in half or game
  • Single Horn – end of the half/game


  • Goalies have 4 seconds to get the ball out of the crease
  • Not timed over the midline
  • Over and back is allowed
  • Faceoff only to start the game.
  • Following the scoring of a goal:
  • The Goalie picks up the ball and play immediately resumes.
  • If there is a Defense penalty after a goal, the Offense is awarded the ball

All Substitutions are on the fly – no horn.


  • One referee per field for 10U- 14U games
  • Two referees per HS game

PLEASE NOTE: Balls are NOT placed on endlines. In the event of a ball out of play, the referee will provide the ball to the appropriate player.

End Lines:

  • End lines are the fences/Bow Nets
  • Normal rules apply to shots and errant passes that hit fence- the ball is out of bounds.  A whistle will blow and the referee will yell color of player who will gain possession.
  • For safety reasons No contest rule on all loose balls within a stick length of the fence/bow nets. A referee will yell color of player who will gain possession.
  • Automatic turnover results from any player running the fence/bow nets – taking more than 3 steps within a protected area (i.e., a player who runs up the endlines within a stick length of boards). The Defender must allow the offensive player the opportunity to exit that area being contested.
  • No Boarding on fence/bow nets (i.e., running or checking an opponent into the fence/bow nets). Boarding results in an automatic 2-minute minor infraction. When boarding occurs when a defenseless player’s head hits the fence/bow net following a hit produced by an opponent’s hit will result in a 4-minute major infraction with possible ejection from the game.


  • Offside penalties:
  • Two players back on the Offensive side.
  • Three players back on the Defensive side.
  • No Body Checking – U10.
  • Each team can have a maximum of three Long Sticks on the field at one time.
  • Penalties are running time.
  • Penalty begins when whistle restarts play.

Goalie Infractions:

  • If a Goalie receives a penalty and the team has no DRESSED backup – the team’s “inhome” will serve the penalty and an additional minute will be added to the penalty.
  • If a Goalie receives a penalty and the team has a DRESSED backup, the player who is cited must serve the penalty.

Penalty time calculation:

  • Penalty time + ½ of penalty time:
  • Examples:
  • 30-second penalty = 45-second running time penalty
  • 1-minute penalty = 1 ½ minute running time penalty
  • 2-minute penalty = 3-minute running time penalty
  • 3-minute penalty = 4 ½-minute running time penalty


  • No Fighting:
  • Fighting will result in immediate ejection from the game.
  • Fighting can lead to expulsion from the Shootout with no refund.
  • Taunting/Trash talking – will be treated as fighting.
  • Any player with a cumulative of 4 personal fouls or 6 minutes of penalties in a game is ejected.

Tie Game:

  • NO Overtime (OT) except for playoffs– Sudden Victory Overtime (SVO)

Tie Breaker Standings:

  • Overall record within the relevant bracket
  • Head-to-head games
  • Least # goals allowed
  • Overall goal differential
  • Coin Toss


  • Each team supplies its own goalie.
  • When teams either don’t have a player at that position or their goalie is absent, they find a “volunteer” (or go without one altogether).
  • No one is allowed in Goal without proper goalie equipment. (Throat guard, chest protector, athletic supporter)

 Goalie Equipment:

  • All NCJLA and NFHS sanction field lacrosse equipment.
  • Shin Pads are optional.
  • Shin Pads cannot exceed the size of baseball shin protectors.
  • Oversized box lacrosse chest and shin pads are prohibited.
  • It is the Tournament Director’s and Referee’s judgment as to whether or not a certain piece of Goalie equipment will be allowed

General Equipment:

  • All NCJLA and NFHS sanction field lacrosse equipment.
  • Players must wear all protective gear while on the field:
  • Helmet, mouthpiece, gloves, shoulder, and arm pads.
  • We also suggest Athletic Supporter!



  • No metal cleats
  • If turf field- molded cleats, no screw-ins (7 studs)
  • If grass field- molded cleats or screw ins (7 studs)


  • u10s 4×4 goals
  • u12-HS 6×6 goals

Lacrosse Balls:

  • Teams are to provide warmup balls for their team.
  • Game balls will be provided by All West Lacrosse
  • In the event of a ball out of play, the referee will provide the ball to the appropriate player.


  • No shooting during warmups without wearing a helmet.
  • No vandalizing of Facility.
  • Vandals will face prosecution by local law enforcement.

RESPECT everyone at the Shootout, maintain a positive ATTITUDE and give 100% EFFORT!

Be safe, have fun, GO HARD!